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- классный мультфильм Back to the Future V (5) - FULL LENGTH FEATURE FILM (MOVIE of The Game) - Adam Koralik HD

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This is a complete feature film created by footage captured from the game Back to the Future The Game for the Playstation 4, it can be considered a fan edit. I do not own the license to the IP or the characters in any way. This was made as a labor of love for my fans. The content is owned by Universal Studios and TellTale Games. It's not a true Back to the Future 5 (V) but it's a good consolation prize. It goes way beyond merely having all the cut scenes in a row. To fully experience this film you must have seen the original Back to the Future trilogy as well as Part 4. Enjoy! BTTF IV: I did the same thing with Jurassic Park the Game, see it here: All game content is recorded and edited under fair use rights for reasons of artistic expression. All videogame footage was captured by me, FigureItOut Productions and all games were played by us. Music: All music was from the following sources: Back to the Future The Game. Epidemic Sound Special Thanks: Special thanks to Roy Shtoyer for creating the artwork used in the thumbnail. Lucas Fauble for creating the title card, and Filipa Pereira for creative notes.
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