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- классный мультфильм Lakeland: The Movie (feature-length film on Todd Bentley & the Florida Outpouring)

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8 years on from the start of the revival, here's the feature-length story of Todd Bentley & the Lakeland outpouring that began spontaneously in 2008, and ended badly six months later. My website & films: A time-code guide to some highlights: Millie Joy 1:53 Rick Joyner 7:00 If it's not GOD lets all go home, we got better things to do. If it is, then there is nothing more exciting or more important that is happening in the work today. Roy Peterson: As Todd prayed for my team I can help but wonder if we are getting sucked in to the vortex of revival. Will we ever be the same again- Eduardo Juarez 20:30 Cara Jayne Coggeshall 22:46 Catherine Mullins Robbins 23:30 Josh Henderson 24:00 Sophia Marberry 29:00 Alaina Anderson 35:09 Pontus J Back 1:05:25 Jason Lee Jones 1:08:50 I'm not gonna be one of those that looks at you and says the Lakeland outpouring died, and that it ended because I'm still living and so is what was . We know people that were there that there lives pre Lakeland were one thing and after Lakeland their lives are living proof of that. In Acts it's says there are those who were amazed and astonished and there were scoffers, you're gonna have that no matter where you go. Revivals are not perfect, they're messy, they're like BEAUTIFUL CHAOS. ------------------------------------------------------ With this film I hoped to make a balanced, real look at the Outpouring through, and therefore I will not approve comments from here on in from heresy-hunters and haters of Todd Bentley. This film cost a lot of time and money to make! if you enjoyed, here's my tip jar I produced, directed and had a huge amount of help from crew, including Svein Nygaard on the soundtrack, and Jonny Elwyn on the FCP edit. Thanks to Geoff Harris for oversight and zen-styled producing, and Jeremy Higham and Miles Blackley in the writing.
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