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- классный мультфильм The 420 Movie "full feature 79mins"

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"The 420 Movie" 79min action comedy distributed by Fans Of Film at Synopsis:: When the not-so world famous musical act FingerNail Juice runs out of herbal enhancements on April 20th, it's up to Kneebar and Johnson to set out on a not-so epic adventure to find some sacred herb before 4:20 in the afternoon. Fans Of Film review: A modern day indie marijuana cult film and it's got all the right stuff, babes, boobies, TNA, good guys, bad guys, bad drug deals and two really cool funny guys that just wanna get stoned before 4:20. It all sounds like the same hangover, but I gotta tell you for all you true stoners this film is pretty funny. Keep in mind this is a very low budget indie film, but filmmakers James Blackburn pulls out all his resources, friends and family to make this film, and it shows in all the great caricatures. James takes it further over the top as he plays the lead role in the film and has a lethal weapon that saves their ass, and when I say ass it just so happens that the lethal weapon is green gas from Kneebar played by James. This film is a true waste of 79 mins of your life, but I think that is the point Note to filmmakers/producers looking for a new media distribution and marketing opportunity! Fans Of Film announces submission for trailers, short film, full feature films for Fans Of Film Youtube channel at ... Contact Michael
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